3 classic dishes of French cuisine

Caprice's menu is inspired by French cuisine, offering a wide variety of international dishes so that your nights of entertainment are paired by fascinating flavors.  

If you want to learn more about French cuisine and some of its most emblematic recipes, read on. 


This is one of the most famous dishes of the Provençal area, a vegetable stew with a majestic flavor, prepared with zucchini, eggplant, and tomato. This is one of the most cooked dishes in the countryside regions and has spread all over the world, due to the ease of obtaining the ingredients and the little difficulty to prepare it.

There are three variations, in the first one the vegetables are sautéed together, in the second option they are arranged in layers and baked and in the third one each ingredient is cooked separately and then joined together to be simmered.


Coq au vin

One of the classics of French cuisine is Coq au vin, an exquisite chicken stew with wine. First the pieces must be fried with aromatic herbs, following other ingredients such as butter, vegetables, and of course wine, when reduced creates an exquisite sauce; undoubtedly the perfect dish for sharing. 


Quiche Lorraine

An extremely simple and very homemade pie, it’s made with puff pastry dough, eggs, cream, bacon, as well as ham and cheese. An ingredient that should not be missing is nutmeg; it’s one of the most replicated French recipes par excellence, due to the versatility of its preparation (it can be filled with various ingredients). 


French cuisine is one of the most recognized worldwide and one of the most extensive and sophisticated, Caprice Tulum's menu was inspired by many of its flavors to recreate styles, techniques and sauces widely used to represent international dishes in an exquisite and unique way.

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