3 famous cabarets in history

The history of cabarets arises in Europe, more specifically in Paris, in fact the word Cabaret is of French origin and refers to a venue, open at night with restaurant service, where the time between performances is used to drink, eat and chat with other attendees.  

The daring, bold and sensual atmosphere is what distinguishes and makes cabarets famous, becoming artistic platforms around the world for dancers, singers, comedians and musicians. 


Le Chat Noir in Paris

This establishment was the first famous cabaret in the world, located in the bohemian neighborhood of Montmartre in Paris in 1881, it quickly became the meeting spot for writers, but especially painters in the area. 

Before the Moulin Rouge opened its doors, Le Chat Noir was a pioneer as an entertainment center. It became famous for singer-songwriter performances, but it also had shadow and piano shows. 

It was not a place of glamour and elegance, but it made its way into the nightlife scene, because in addition to drinking wine, entertainment was a primary part of its essence. 

Over the years it went through different stages and experienced a great evolution with its shows and the audience. They even created a magazine, which served to advertise the Cabaret shows and is considered one of the pioneering tools of advertising and promotion in the Marketing and Communication area. 

It closed its doors in 1897 to the disappointment of many artists of the time, but its legacy will never be forgotten. 


Tropicana in Havana

It was known as the paradise under the stars, because it’s a theater with domes where palm trees could be seen and become part of the setting. Its architecture was groundbreaking at the time and it became one of the most impressive and important cabarets in the world since 1939. 

The Tropicana focused on acrobatics, ballet, circus, carnival inspiration and, of course, the extremely flashy, sensual outfits with few pieces of clothing. 

Great artists such as Nat King Cole, Libertad Lamarque, Celia Cruz and Frank Sinatra performed on its stage; it’s also known that great American actors, singers and film directors were regular visitors to this iconic cabaret.

It’s still open today offering dinner shows and is one of Havana's best known and most famous attractions. 


El Patio in Mexico City

This nightclub was inaugurated in 1938 when Mexico City was known as Distrito Federal. This place had its heyday in the era of golden  Mexican cinema, you had to attend with strict etiquette and the show was accompanied by a dinner with an international gastronomic concept where you could also enjoy the musical presentations. 

Great artists performed for several seasons, such as Juan Gabriel, Emmanuel, Lupita D'Alessio and Rocio Durcal, it also had international guests such as: Judy Garland, Edith Piaf and Eddie Fisher to mention a few.

Spanish singer Raphael made his Mexican debut on this stage and it was also the site of the first Ariel Awards ceremony in 1947. 

Some of its most famous attendees were Walt Disney, Cantinflas and María Félix along with Agustín Lara.

In 1994 it closed its doors due to the fact that the biggest and most transcendent events began to be held at the Palacio de los Deportes and the Auditorio Nacional, however, there is a lot of nostalgia for those times of elegance where men and women dressed up to have dinner and listen to their favorite artists