Caprice Cabaret Affair Cuisine has arrived to Tulum

A daring and provocative concept has arrived to Tulum. Caprice is a unique restaurant in the destination, a cabaret with live musicians and talented artists that will turn your night into a true spectacle that provokes and ignites the senses. 

Relive the sensuality and glamour of Hollywood, feel the theatricality of New York and the magic of vibrant cabarets. Musicians, dancers and acrobats will create an experience never seen in the city. Provocation and sensuality are essential elements of every detail of this unprecedented culinary and sensory experience.

Caprice is a delight for the senses in every aspect, its atmosphere and entertainment proposal is unique, as well as its international menu with French-inspired dishes. Each dish is an artistic expression with exclusive ingredients and surprising flavors in mind-blowing presentations that will blow your imagination. 

The creativity of this new concept is also expressed through dishes with top quality products, in Caprice you can taste carefully selected fish and seafood from around the world, as well as the most exclusive cuts of meat. Discover a culinary journey in search of the best flavors of the world, where the chef offers exceptional cuisine in honor of the great classics of gastronomy. The Caprice experience is not complete without signature cocktails created by talented bartenders and the best selection of wines and champagne.


Tulum's nightlife will shine even brighter with the opening of Caprice, the magic of its live performances, the talent of its artists and the connection with the guests will create the most unexpected and exceptional moments throughout the night. The entire show takes place while guests enjoy dinner from their seats and are amazed by a variety of musical numbers. After the Cabaret performance, the evening transforms into an extraordinary celebration with the music of the resident DJ, who invites you to dance and continue enjoying unique moments. 

Caprice is to enter a world of unparalleled entertainment, glamour, mystery, sensuality and seduction, a concept never seen before in Tulum that you can't miss.